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...more than 5,000 photos...
June 18 , 2013
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During the event you'll be able to sample wine....
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October 4 , 2011
Just go to the Pets page...
September 18 , 2011
July 13 , 2013 11:30 PM
It's going to take longer than I thought to get all of the photos uploaded to our website.  We took far more than I thought we would.  Friday was really slow because of the rainy weather but Saturday exploded!  I have to get more than 5,000 photos ready for upload.  I'm hoping they will all be uploaded by Thursday evening.  I'll be double checking the upload settings this time so that there isn't a problem with the digital downloads like there was last year!  As usual we had fun shooting and this year I actually got a shot of a Harley doing a wheelyl!  I managed to get a shot of a sidecar in the air too!  Take care everyone.......keep the rubber down and the chrome up!

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Mike Morris : I can not find the photos?