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...more than 5,000 photos...
June 18 , 2013
We will be parked approximately 1/10 of a mile...
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Now you can custom crop your images for any available...
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It's amazing how many bikers....
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December 5 , 2011
During the event you'll be able to sample wine....
October 24 , 2011
Good news for our Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg...
October 4 , 2011
Just go to the Pets page...
September 18 , 2011
October 4 , 2011 03:36 PM
Our pet photo shoot for the Christmas season is finalized.  Just go to the Pets page listed under "Services" and you will see it there.  As many of you know, especially our SuperPetz customers, Superpetz sold out to Petco and we don't service Petco.  For those of you in the Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg/York area you can visit us at our studio or you can see us at The Pet Shoppe in Shrewsbury, PA.  You can also see us at the TSC in York, Pa.  All of our Bethlehem customers will be pleased to know that you can see us at Neigbor's Home and Garden in Hellertown, PA which is only 15 minutes away from the old Superpetz store.

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